About us

The team

These are the members of our core organising team. Together we co-create events for the psychedelic community, with the purpose to connect and learn from one another.



Our 4 pillars


Water: Psychedelic Healing and Integration

Water represents the healing and transformative power of psychedelics. This pillar focuses on the therapeutic and psychological aspects of psychedelic use. It involves providing support and resources for individuals who seek to harness the healing potential of psychedelics for mental health, personal growth, and self-discovery.

Key activities include organizing or facilitating therapeutic sessions, connecting individuals with qualified therapists, and offering integration services to help people make sense of and integrate their psychedelic experiences into their daily lives.


Earth: Harm Reduction and Activism

Earth symbolizes the grounded and practical aspect of our organization. This pillar is dedicated to harm reduction and political/social activism related to psychedelics. It aims to minimize the risks associated with psychedelic use and advocate for more compassionate and informed drug policies.

Tasks include providing harm reduction education, safety guidelines, legal support, and advocacy efforts aimed at reducing the criminalization of responsible psychedelic use.


Fire: Ceremonies and Rituals

Fire embodies the spiritual and ritualistic dimension of psychedelics. This pillar is focused on creating and maintaining safe and sacred spaces for individuals who wish to explore the spiritual and ceremonial aspects of psychedelic experiences and altered states of consciousness.

Activities involve organizing rituals, ensuring cultural sensitivity, and offering guidance and support to those seeking to incorporate psychedelics into their spiritual practices.


Air: Culture and Art

Air represents the creative and expressive qualities of psychedelics. This pillar emphasizes the use of psychedelics in the context of art, creativity, and community. It provides a space for people to explore their creative potential and connect with others.

Initiatives include organizing art events, parties, and gatherings that promote self-expression and artistic exploration, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.



Our values

Cognitive Freedom:

We advocate for the right of individuals to make informed decisions about their own consciousness and cognitive exploration. We believe that individuals should have the freedom to explore their own minds and have autonomy over their cognitive experiences with psychedelics, provided they do so responsibly and ethically.


Equity and Inclusion:

We work to ensure that access to psychedelic therapy, research, and education is equitable and inclusive, regardless of factors like race, gender, or socioeconomic status.


Responsible and ethical use:

The use of psychedelics carries profound implications for individuals, communities, and society at large. To maximize the benefits and minimize potential risks associated with these substances, it is essential to approach their use with a strong ethical and responsible framework.


Drug Policy Reform:

We support the review and reform of existing drug policies to promote an evidence-based, harm-reduction, and more humane approach.



We advocate for sustainable and responsible sourcing of psychedelic substances from natural sources to protect ecosystems and support ethical and environmental considerations.