Balanced Psychonautics – Mapping and Hacking Consciousness

This talk introduces the Element of Fire (Magick and Spirituality) to our Series of Talks at The Psychedelic University.
Join us as we explore the concept of “Balanced Psychonautics” and how it can be used as a framework for mapping and hacking altered states of consciousness.
Building upon the groundbreaking work of Timothy Leary and his 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness, this talk aims to bring a more holistic, intentional, and balanced approach to psychedelic exploration.
While Leary’s work and message were often overshadowed by his association with the counter-culture and the proliferation of drug use, the value of his model has been overlooked.
The baby was thrown out with the bathwater.

The 8-Circuit Model provides a valuable starting point for understanding the different facets of one’s own consciousness and can be a useful tool for navigating the often chaotic and unpredictable landscape of altered states.
By combining the principles of Chaos Magick and the understanding of altered states provided by the 8-Circuit model, we will explore how altered states of consciousness can serve as gateways to create intentional changes in our nervous system programming and thus enabling change in our experience of reality.
This approach incorporates knowledge of the nervous system, spirituality, embodiment, and integration work, providing a framework for intentional and transformational consciousness exploration.
With a healthy dose of Discordian humor, we’ll delve into the potential of this approach to promote personal, transpersonal, and collective evolution.

So, if you’re a rational-minded psychonaut that’s not afraid to dip your toes a bit in the waters of woo-woo land and wants to hack your consciousness with a dose of humor and a dash of chaos, come join us for an unforgettable journey through the landscape of “Balanced Psychonautics”

The speaker

Mariana Pinzón is a skilled coach and chaos magickian with a background in comparative religion, philosophy, and political science. She holds a coaching certification from the Animas Center for Coaching and has over a decade of experience in psychonautic explorations.
She believes that embracing states of chaos and confusion is key to personal growth, as the neuroplasticity evoked in these states allows for a deep re-alignment of the programming of the nervous system.
One of her passions is serving cacao medicine, which she uses to guide her clients deeper into a heartfelt space where they can explore their emotional programming.

Mariana is dedicated to assisting unconventional humans and helping them harness the power of chaos to achieve personal (r)evolution.
She takes her clients on deep-dive journeys of self-discovery to help them reconnect with their core and empower them to craft their own unique path through life and offers integration sessions for psychonauts.
You can find more about her work at:

The Psychedelic University

The Psychedelic University is a series of talks hosted by the Psychedelic Society Berlin.
Once a month they invite out-of-the-closet psychonauts to share their knowledge and insights about different fields in psychedelic culture.
These talks cover a range of disciplines from science and philosophy, art and culture, activism and politics, healing, and personal development to spirituality and magick.

In this talk, we introduce the Element of Fire: “Spirituality and psychedelic magick”.