LSD Love Story- An experiential talk in praise of LSD and Nonauthoritarian Spaces

We are happy to invite you to celebrate bicycle day with us on 19/04/2023 commemorating 80 years since the first LSD trip in human history! On this auspicious day we would like to share with you an experiential talk given by Boaz Yaniv and Galia Tanay, two psychedelic activists and LSD lovers, about the history and present state of LSD and non-authoritarian spaces. 🌈🌈🌈
After the talk our beloved DJs (see Lineup bellow) will provide us with some good tunes, so we can celebrate together this miraculous molecule that has touched the lives of so many and has allowed a deep cultural, artistic, fashion, philosophical, and political transformation.
On top of that you can also jump into the sauna that will be open the whole evening 🥵🥵🥵 plus, there we will be a massage therapist at your service for a fair fee!

Boaz Yaniv- Is a poet, psychedelic activist and harm reduction specialist. His interest in LSD started 23 years ago with his first experience of the molecule and has extended to assisting hundreds of cases of psychedelic crisis involving LSD with a deep interest in the history and sociology of the use of LSD and the spaces created around this molecule. He holds a Master degree in community development.

Galia Tanay- Is a teacher and student on the path of freedom, psychedelic activist, vocal artist and scholar. Her PHD was focused on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and she has been accompanying and teaching individuals for more than a decade. She is a Yoga and meditation teacher that emphasizes altered states of consciousness as a mean for personal and social liberation

This event is a cooperation between the Psychedelic Society Berlin and Exploradelico (Barcelona). Exploradelico is a monthly meeting that allows space for processes of psychedelic preparation, integration and thought lead by Boaz Yaniv and Julia Javkin.

Location: Studio dB
Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin
Entrance 10 €
+ 5 € in case you want to use the Sauna
Limited space available. Please RSVP
through this PayPal account with the subject “lecture” and put “friends & family” in the settings to avoid transfer fee cost:
If you REALLY can’t afford a Ticket just write us a Mail and we will find a solution!

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