Psychedelic Storytelling VOL.2

Ahoy Explorers!

After a short pause, we are back with our brand new interactive module calling out all the curious creative souls among ye! Did the muse kiss you during your trip and your epic download made it on a recording medium? Are you often inspired by the epiphanies gathered in the altered states or do you feel awakened enough at this point, that this inspiration keeps on flowing into your mind daily? Whatever your situation is, we want to experience it with you!

Don’t be a stranger and join us at the Psychedelic Storytelling tables at Another Country bookstore in Xberg, our new amazing cozy clubhouse, where you can share with us your creation(s). Each participant will be given up 15 mins to read/perform their selected piece.

For those who have yet not gathered their spirit enough to produce anything of their own, we also have in store a little creative workshop, where we will weave a short psychedelic story together using peculiar experimental methods.

The space is limited to 20 peeps to maintain coziness and so please use the following form to register your attendance:

This event is donation based and the suggested donation is 5 eur.

We are sincerely enthralled about your presence and contributions!

Yours PSB πŸ’™

PS: The place is equipped with its own bar supply, so please avoid BYOB πŸ˜‰ Thanks a lot!