Transcending Breathwork ft. Transcend Yourself& PSB

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Neurodynamic® breathwork follows the holotropic breathwork principles and music set theory, enabling releasing of stuck energy, healing at a mental, physical and spiritual level, accessing inner insights. Using deep breathing – breathers have a deep meditative musical journey and experience enable:

What you will need to bring

* Mats will be provided

How it works

Session lasts approximately 2.5 hours in total.

It will start with the creation of a safe space, a quick check in of our emotional and physical states, thorough explanation about how it all works- how could it be helpful, what could happen and how to get unstuck from unfruitful states, ground principles, recap of counter-indications, breathing technique and Q&A.

After everyone’s set cozy, you will be guided to best land in breathing with powerful affirmations, followed by a relaxation meditation and then you will start breathing (I will demonstrate and give instructions at this point again) and the specially curated music set will start.

At the end of the set, you will be brought back to our usual hylotropic (usual day to day) state of being with a gentle meditation.

We will finish with a sharing circle (not mandatory but highly recommended) and integration tips.

Listening to this dynamic music whilst breath-working will trigger you to process and release emotions, connect to your intuitive and creative impulse and improve health and well-being.

Energy exchange

30-40 e
30 – low income
35 – normal
40 – abundant

Facilitator info

Kat Freskini, certified Neurodynamic Breathwork and mindfulness facilitator, vipassana meditation practitioner.

My experience allowing the creation of safe spaces propitious to deep inner work based on safety and ability to let go based on personal development techniques, body release techniques, trauma therapy studies, somatic art therapy, life coaching, empathy training, conflict management training, NLP, NVC, inner child trauma healing exercises and other cognitive and somatic techniques. Extensive spiritual development based on Buddhist teachings, several years of long daily vipassana and other meditation techniques and personal explorations via shamanic and tantric practices.